January 23, 2018 - Wiley Art Collection Management

The world is indeed getting smaller and smaller. In the middle of a Google search for other writers' thoughts on art collecting, an article popped up from the digital platform ArtSlant. I was very impressed by the astute detail and thoughtul analysis of our business (I think it hits the nail on the head) and wondered who wrote the article. Then I noticed that this firm was located in Australia. That's when I had an "Aha!" moment, sent an email, and discovered that the author was a friend and professional colleague who worked here in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years providing outstanding art collection services.

Phillip Schubert, Principal of Art Squared in Sydney, Australia, gave his ok to publish the text in full -- click the tab below and enjoy! -- Robyn Wiley


The Art of Patricia Blau - The Mickaboo Bird Rescue Benefit

December 15, 2017 - Wiley Art Collection Management

The benefit for Mickaboo Bird Rescue held in December 2017 at 32Ten Studios (former home of Industrial Light and Magic) was a huge success!  Over 100 artworks by Patty Blau were sold and it was a win-win for everyone -- well deserved donation to Mickaboo, artworks now hanging on the walls of their delighted new owners, and Patty's enjoyment and appreciation of all the wonderful people in her life.  See the full story for details on this extraordinary gift of artworks from this exceptional artist.  

If interested in purchasing any of the artworks still in Patty's studio -- and there are several -- please send us a note.  We'll be posting available artworks for sale in the near future as well as future exhbitions.